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Originally Posted by Sparks1990 View Post
This started a few days ago, but I thought it was just a network issue. Basically, my phone won't work at home, or on this side of town. I have 3-4 bars of signal, but no "E" or "4G" service.

This is what it looks like when I'm at work:

Screenshot_2013-07-02-19-25-19_zps9a4f6279.png Photo by sparks1990 | Photobucket

At the top you can see the 4g. When this is up I can make calls, text, and browse the internet.

This one is midway between my house and work:

I have 4g coverage, but no signal.

And this one is at home:

I have 3 bars of signal, but no 4g coverage.

My mom and sisters are with att too, and their phones work fine. My dad is on verizon and his phone works fine. I've swapped the sim cards from my moms phone, and my phone still doesn't work. So I've eliminated the sim card as an issue. Also, the AT&T store here closed. So the only place I can take it is an hour away. The only thing I think might work is a complete data wipe. This is a last resort because I really don't want to go through that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Is your wifi calling option checked, my son's phone had issues when it was selected. If it is it will automatically change to wifi when you are home (hence no 4g at the top) and then there could be issues with wifi? If it is turn it off and restart your phone to see if that fixes it.
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