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Originally Posted by lotus49 View Post
If you have been here a while you've probably seen me moan about how awful the Android desktop syncing solutions are. Other posters have often disagreed with my assertion that iTunes/IOS beats Android into a cocked hat in this respect but no-one has actually suggested anything suitable so I am starting a new thread in the hope that someone can.

My needs are simple and are as follows.

I would like to sync the following between my Mac and my S4
  • contacts
  • calendar
  • selected music (I have far too much to fit on my phone).
I do not want to give Google (or Apple for that matter) all my data, so syncing via Google is not an option.

I would also like to be able to do a one click backup of everything on the phone so I can restore it easily should that be necessary.

That's all. If there really is a solution to this, I would really love to hear it because I have been looking for more than two years and I'm not even close to finding anything that works as well as iTunes and my iPhone 5, which does everything I need easily and elegantly.

Please help.
AirDroid works, for backup I'm pretty sure you have to root
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