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Notsure How many times have you dropped your S4? What was the result?

How many times have you dropped your S4?

What is the strangest way you dropped it?

Do you have a case?

What was the outcome of the drop(s)?

I'll start.

I know I'll sound clumsy, but I've dropped mine 8 times (some little drops included).

My strangest drop was on day 2 that I had my S4. My wife handed me a magazine while I was holding my phone and it slipped out of my hands. I tried to save it on the way down but it hit anyway. It took a funny bounce and went 4 feet in an odd angle (because of my rubbery case) and landed in my dogs water bowl (on a stand) which was full of water.

I have an Otterbox Defender with holster clip. Oddly enough, most of my drops are because I think my phone is snapped into the holster clip when apparently it was not.

As for damage? I have none. When it landed in the water bowl it had a little bit of a gurgly earphone sound. That was cured when I took it apart and submerged my s4 in rice for 24 hours. Getting rice out of the charging port and earphone jack were the only slight problems. I can laugh about it now but I wanted to scream when it landed in the water.

Your turn

EDIT: This is NOT a case selling thread...just about incidents you have endured.
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