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Though a really funny drop I had was at work one day.....

IWas working in a sports cage(two football goals(soccer) two basketball nets above the goals, concrete ground) and there was a mixed group of kids around 10-13 years old, one girl asked me to use her brand new iPhone to take a picture of the group(iPhone 4 not long after it came out!) So I obliged and took the picture using her phone, after taking it I walked towards them to hand it back...held my hand out with the phone screen facing down and my knuckles facing the sky as I got to within two foot of the girl someone had kicked out thrown a ball back into the cage from hit my hand!

The phone fell from my hand in what seemed like the longest nano second of my life, my heart hit the ground with an almighty thud! I eventually knelt down to pick it up and.....

Oh come on, it was an iPhone, what do you think happened to it!? Luckily she started saying, it's ok, it's ok I've got insurance for it, repeatedly! Lol...scary thing was I knew her big brother and he had become a cafe fighter :-\ but nothing more came of it :-)
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