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Originally Posted by Droid_Genius View Post
Hello I have a quick question and hope someone knows. So I had a Note 2 and I put an ad on CL to trade it for an S4. I met a guy and we traded and the 1st thing I noticed after we went our separate ways was the phone only got Edge service. I have Tmobile so I thought maybe service is acting up. So I get home and upon further review I got into the phone and got into camera and BAM right of the back NONE of the camera features were there and photos looked like crap. So at that point I was like....ohhhh boy, then the next thing I did was run Quadrant and that's when I knew....BURNED only got a 4300 score and this phone should be 12000 or so. Also a friend of mine told me to shut phone off and press VOL down + HOME + Power and if Chinese comes up is a fake, did that and presto got Chinese writing. I mean it booted up, screen was gorgeous and I couldn't tell any other signs, checked the about said I9500, 4.2.2, even booted up like a real S4, all the usual signs. BOY have I learned to check a phone THOROUGHLY before I ever buy from another person. Now I wont dare buy a phone online because of this (ebay, swappa, etc.)

So my point is my Note 2 is rooted and I called TMobile and told them my Note 2 was stolen to Blacklist it and my question is

Even though my phone is rooted can it still be blacklisted and shut down by TMobile or not since Software is changed? She excited me when she said phone wont get service even if they put another SIM in and it willl not be usable and it made me laugh because I never reported a phone lost or stolen and I am thinking, well buddy the jokes on you now. Hope rooting didnt affect it. And thanks in advance.

PS This is the best damn clone of a phone I ever seen. WOW....
I can't answer your Note2 question but can you post some pics and a boot video of the knockoff?
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