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Originally Posted by raven56706 View Post
After 1 week, might give up on the Galaxy S4

ok i converted to the GS4 from an iphone and now, i might be regretting that i did. I put in the fixes last week when i posted the thread on here. But now it appears that i might have to go back to apple.

here are the list of complaints:

Bluetooth is a pain in the ass. I go into my car and it stays on for a bit and then my car just drops the connection. My car apparently asks for a MAP request. My iphone 5 never asked for a map request. Then when i do it, it stays for awhile and then drops the connection again..
Bluetooth performance has been absolutely flawless for me. Crystal clear, pairs and connects with zero problems.

Originally Posted by raven56706 View Post
I cant use my Beats headphones or Bose headphones remote control functions. As in the little changing of the song and the volume buttons on the cord. Apparently there is a design flaw because of this and thats why. How f'ing lame.
I have no idea what you are talking about here. Why in the world would you expect remote controls to your headphones to simply work with the phone without some kind of pairing and communication software?

Originally Posted by raven56706 View Post
Then the Facebook app doesnt allow all my albums to be viewed. I can only see the most recent. .
The facebook application does allow you to see all albums. Click on Photos, and then albums. There are other options in the market (like Friendcaster) if you don't like the native application.

Originally Posted by raven56706 View Post
The battery is shit too. i thought it would be more powerful as it was being advertised but nope... it sucks. i barely used it and i was down 10 %.
I easily get through a full day, and then some. And, I use my phone a fair bit. I have no idea what is going on for you but this is not a typical S4 issue.

Originally Posted by raven56706 View Post
if all those things were corrected, it would be the perfect phone. Love the large screen and the colors. Love the fact i can change shit around and have widgets on the phone. Love the memory upgrade. But the flaws might be a deal breaker.

any words of encouragement.
If you are not prepared to do the legwork to figure out how your S4 works, I'd suggest you go back to the iPhone before you are locked into a new contract.
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