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First update from an XDA-dev.

Okay, new bootloader, modem, kernel.
2 secondary bootloaders updated as well as rpm and tz.

Interesting that everything backs up to mmcblk0p22 before writing the new one.
Don't recall seeing that in updates for other devices.

New Fingerprint is just swap out MDL with MF9.

As mentioned, Knox is there. Makes me wonder what else was locked down with it.
Updated OCR among many updated binaries.

A lot of the binaries - in particular, vendor blobs - have an update.
I'll need someone to dump the system partition once it's patched for the new vendor files.
Hopefully good news for AOSP builds.

I'm asking to see if the previous sources have any info - but they've already stated not to expect anything.
There are a few questions that need to be figured out:

1) What is in the new bootloader? Are we locked like most of the others?
2) Can we revert bootloaders after flashing - and if so, what does it take to do so?
3) Root on new build?

All of this is going to require a test device, which sadly at the moment I am now without.
All the problems with the N2 left me with a Spare N2 and now without an S4.
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