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Sorry to hear about the trouble you are having. I assume you are on the stock ROM, stock Kernel etc (unrooted)
Originally Posted by raven56706 View Post
Bluetooth is a pain in the ass. I go into my car and it stays on for a bit and then my car just drops the connection. My car apparently asks for a MAP request. My iphone 5 never asked for a map request. Then when i do it, it stays for awhile and then drops the connection again.
Not sure I understood - MAP is basically for the car to be able to play back your SMS messages handsfree (similar to handsfree phone calls). You can enable it, and if you check the option to "do not ask again" or whatever it is labeled, it should remember your choice.
iPhone didn't have MAP profile till iOS6 I think, so that may be why you didn't see it with your previous device.

When you say that it drops the connection, does it actually drop it (as in, shows disconnected)? Or do the signal bars just go to zero? Try to make a call (or get somebody to call you) and see if the car picks up the call.

Similar to WalkaboutDavid, my BT connection has been stable.

Originally Posted by raven56706 View Post
I cant use my Beats headphones or Bose headphones remote control functions. As in the little changing of the song and the volume buttons on the cord. Apparently there is a design flaw because of this and thats why. How f'ing lame.

Then the Facebook app doesnt allow all my albums to be viewed. I can only see the most recent.
Can't say/do much about that - if Beats/Bose have special features on their accessories (that are not stock to Android), don't be surprised if that doesn't work on all phones.
Facebook app? It is an App problem.

(I use neither, so can't confirm the issues)

Originally Posted by raven56706 View Post
The battery is shit too. i thought it would be more powerful as it was being advertised but nope... it sucks. i barely used it and i was down 10 %.
"Barely used it" - need to explain that in a LOT more detail
  1. What time did you remove from charger?
  2. Was battery charged to 100% when you removed it?
  3. How long did it last till it got down to 10%?
  4. What did you use your phone for?
  5. How long was the screen on?
  6. Menu/settings/battery - what apps are using the most battery life?
  7. Are you on WiFi connection? or 3G? or 4G? (how long)?
  8. How is your signal strength where you spent the most of your time?

Most folks are reporting very good battery life with the S4.
I use my phone primarily on WiFi (at home and office), have about 3-4 hours of on screen time, music playing (screen off) for about an hour or so, about 30-40 minutes talk time, and by the end of the day, my battery is at about 40% or so (7am to about 9pm)

If your battery is going down to 10% after just 1 hour of on screen usage (for example), that is a battery problem (or an app gone bad). Take it to the store and have them look at it (after ruling out app problems).
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