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Originally Posted by charliecc View Post
Depends on how they seat the screen in the device, i.e. bezel size. If you take a ruler to your N4 you'll see it would support a 5-inch screen with a very minimal bezel, so let's hope they go that route.
.. that is pretty much what the S4 did, so you would have to hope that the N5 would do something similar. There's certainly plenty of space to increase the height of the screen without increasing the width within the exact same size 'shell'.

Have to say, I'm not sure where the N5 = 5" screen comes from. The 4 isn't 4", the 3rd Nexus wasn't 3" .. and of course, the original Nexus didn't have a 1" screen Plus, the iPhone 5 doesn't have a 5" screen ..

Also, I'm not sure that an extra fraction of an inch in screen size is going to convince many people to upgrade. I know bigger screen sizes have been one of the few changes in phones over the last couple of years, but surely we've hit the limit on that? You have to hope that the next generation of phones will have something that's actually new. For a change.
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