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Originally Posted by scotty85 View Post
sorry for the confusion if my comments above are what youre refering to. i mess with a few different htc phones and sometimes its hard to keep it all straight.

im not sure why devs are not incoprating the mass storage into recovery. older versions of twrp and cw have working usb mass storage on evita,endeavor and ville,all running 4.1 so i dont see the prollem

the alternatives are push a rom or nandroid to /sdcard using adb,or to use the "install from sideload" feature now in recoveries. both things work on cw,and both should work in twrp if there is an adb daemon running,but i havent gotten a chance to test that yet. i agree 100% that the mount usb storage option was more convenient.

might want to practice getting it to work,so you youre not trying to figure it out in a semi-panic with a non-working phone

sorry things arent working the way youd like them to
I'm thinking I read what I wanted to read and didn't interpret what you were actually saying. I've used adb and it's not that difficult but I was trying to avoid it. As far as having the time, hey I understand you guys have other stuff to do so don't take it like I'm rushing you. I always keep one nandroid and a ROM file as a back up on my phone just in case I need to use it. I figured I should do that when I couldn't get mass storage in my recovery.
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