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Originally Posted by raven56706 View Post
After 1 week, might give up on the Galaxy S4

ok i converted to the GS4 from an iphone and now, i might be regretting that i did. I put in the fixes last week when i posted the thread on here. But now it appears that i might have to go back to apple.

here are the list of complaints:

Bluetooth is a pain in the ass. I go into my car and it stays on for a bit and then my car just drops the connection. My car apparently asks for a MAP request. My iphone 5 never asked for a map request. Then when i do it, it stays for awhile and then drops the connection again.

I cant use my Beats headphones or Bose headphones remote control functions. As in the little changing of the song and the volume buttons on the cord. Apparently there is a design flaw because of this and thats why. How f'ing lame.

Then the Facebook app doesnt allow all my albums to be viewed. I can only see the most recent.

The battery is shit too. i thought it would be more powerful as it was being advertised but nope... it sucks. i barely used it and i was down 10 %.

if all those things were corrected, it would be the perfect phone. Love the large screen and the colors. Love the fact i can change shit around and have widgets on the phone. Love the memory upgrade. But the flaws might be a deal breaker.

any words of encouragement.

Honestly, the Galaxy s4 is a great phone if you just take the time to learn how to use it. Battery life should easily last you all day for a couple of reasons. The 2600mah battery is one of the larger ones to go inside a cell phone, with the exception of the note 2 and the Droid Razr Maxx HD. Along with the fact that when you have Smart Actions on, it instinctively does its best to save battery life on its own depending on where you are in your area (turning on WiFi automatically). As far as Bluetooth goes, along with the others I haven't had a problem with it syncing to all my bluetooth devices. Works like a charm actually.
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