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Originally Posted by NightAngel79 View Post
Chambers stole your fish!?! lol
It's not funny. I had every possible variety in that tank but just because I didn't invite her to dinner (no way was I doing that while romancing Jack!) she kidnapped the lot.

I always stick to Soldier for the most part so figured this may through some unexpected spice into it, lol.
My 'canon' playthrough was as Soldier, but since ME3 MP I'm addicted to tech and biotic explosions.

Sabotage is OK, i guess,.....
Many lulz can be had sabotaging Cerberus turrets and Atlas mechs.

Was super surprised to see Jessica Chobot in the game. I LOVE her!
This time around I only allowed her onboard so that I could kick her off at the first available opportunity. She's even more irritating than Al-Jilani (my Shep has issues with the press ).

Originally Posted by NightAngel79 View Post
Ashley looks WAYYY better in this game than she did in ME1.
The wonders of cosmetic surgery, eh?

Originally Posted by NYCHitman1 View Post
I did get the achievement after I had already slept with Tali (after having already slept with Jack). Ziiiiing. Lol!
Jack is my favourite simply because of the "reunion" scenes in ME3. She has some of THE best lines ever.
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