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Originally Posted by Hook View Post
Actually, though admittedly nit picking, only Tablets have had numbering reflecting screen size, while, as pointed out, the phones never have. I'm guessing that if the Nexus 5 is "Nexus 5," it will be a generational number even if it has a 5" screen.

They will no doubt have to name the Nexus generation 7 phone to avoid confusion.
I like nit-picking :-)

If it is indeed a generational number (like iPhone) I would expect historically to find phones named "Nexus", "Nexus 2" and "Nexus 3" to give credence to that explanation. I don't see them - but I do see a 10(-ish) inch Nexus 10, a 7(-ish) inch Nexus 7 and a 4(-ish) inch Nexus 4, released in that order.

Before the release of the Nexus tablets Nexus phones never used "Nexus N" names; so why choose the name "Nexus 4" for the new Nexus if not to fall in line with the other existing "Nexus N" devices?

Anyway I'm boring even myself now so I'll leave it at that. Time will reveal which theory is the correct one :-)
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