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Originally Posted by lotus49 View Post
AirDroid is useful and I do use it but it's not really a syncing solution.

It is a little disappointing but not very surprising that there are no suggestions. Whenever I have complained here about the poor state of Mac-Android syncing I have been shot down in flames by posters telling me how great Android syncing is but none of these posters has actually been able to make any specific recommendations.

I really like my S4 but I would like it a lot more if I could find a good (or even mediocre) syncing and backup solution.

I understand not wanting to give out your data, however is there something I'm missing regarding the music and photo end of syncing? Does it matter that it's cloud based for those options I'm not seeing the security issues with music, photos maybe. As for documents that are private I understand you not wanting those floating around. Maybe email the developer of some apps that are close to what you want and they might just be willing to put in the work to make it better suited to your needs.(a definite plus for android)I personally feel the good totally outweighs the bad by syncing through google (at least for me, of course I don't have a job where I'm worried about data being compromised)

Truly hope you find something that works for you. I hate seeing people go back to a company that makes billions and doesn't support the blue collar workers in the united states by building a manufacturing plant in the states. Heck even Samsung has plants and headquarters in the us.
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