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Originally Posted by zebug View Post
the option is there, you just refuse to use it. Google
I disagree. Sometimes I long for my old Blackberry. RIM had a simple, complete desktop backup program. Just plug the phone into your laptop by USB and you could backup EVERYTHING in a minute or two.......including your apps, bb messages and home page layouts.

IMO, this is an area where both Apple and Android have failed miserably. Yes I can use Google to backup my Gmail, contacts, and, with limited success since Jellybean 4.2, some of my apps. (And the apps that Google automatically chose to "restore" on my new S4 were comical at times). I know that Apps I have previously used (since the beginning of time) are listed in Google Play, but there is no demarcation between recently used apps and ancient ones previously tried and rejected. For SMS/MMS I am required to use a separate program (SMS Backup+), but still haven't found a way to save my home screen layouts.

It seems like this should be a simple task for Android, but as of yet, I haven't found a simple, unified solution. My old Blackberry was not able to do all the things my S4 can do, but when it came to backing up the phone, it excelled.

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