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Originally Posted by lotus49 View Post
No but it's really a matter of volume and bandwidth in this case. I have more than 80GB of music and well over 1TB of photos. Apart from the time it would take to upload all this stuff, I doubt anyone would give me that much storage space without charging me a fortune for it.

If you don't care about security and privacy, cloud based solutions work very well for relatively small amounts of data eg contacts and calendar but are much less suitable for larger amounts.

I had really been hoping for one solution that did everything I need like iTunes does. It is clear that, despite the bluster from the Google advocates, there is no single desktop syncing solution that will allow me to sync my Mac and my Android phone, which is both frustrating and disappointing.

Ok, so it's truly be driving me nuts wanting to help you, so I did a little research and found this??? It's expensive but it's a mac app that doesn't seem to use cloud based transfer and claims to play nice with android
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