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Originally Posted by punkzanyj View Post
I disagree, for two reasons:

1. If I already have the mp3, I'm not paying for the same music again. It's my file, I have every right to chop it up and use it for my own personal use. It's not illegal unless I were to distribute it, or try to make money off of it, or used it in another project without properly crediting(and probably paying) the copyright owner.

2. Artists don't make jack crap off of albums, mp3s, or ringtones. Unless they own the recording company, or are self-published, the record company makes most of the money. TOURING is what puts most of the money in an artists pocket. So if you want to support an artist, for real, go to their concerts.

biblicone -

Yes that's true, but if have 50 friends, and want 50 ringtones for them, do you really want to use 50 full length songs, or just chop them down to the size you need -- and thus -- save room on your card for video, pics, and music.
I've discussed with my friends and associates at work the legalities and such of mp3's and personal rights(at great lenght since mp3's really hit the scene in '97) and from both sides. however this forum is not the place(feel free to message me though my position waivers as i'm anti-riaa but pro-artist/listener).

Either way.

Tonight I made a Barak Obama and Mccain ringtone. going to set it up so after I receive a text message they will chime in "I'm barack obama, I'm John McCain, (voices together) I approve this message"
Still working on the timing and syncing them together but will rock once its done.
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