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Sad JB has not been sweet for me ...

Perhaps I am missing something, but my forced upgrade to JB from ICS on my Note 1 was less than stellar. They took away lots of features that made one-handed operation really sweet, like being able to swipe left or right from anywhere (contacts, call list, messaging) to either call or message someone.

Also, the keyboard now doesn't let me use the "pen pad" area with my finger, which means I have to pull out the pen and use it two handed. Lots of squirrelly issues with the keyboard too.

The Picture Editor that allowed easy editing of a pic right from the camera app, or the gallery, disappeared.

And to top it off, I have the dreaded slowwwness and battery drain I'm seeing from others. I don't use any fancy apps or launchers or anything else. I basically used the device for multi-media type communications (meaning I could snap a picture of an item, make quick notations on it, and send it to a client in less than 30 seconds - mostly one-handed) - and the upgrade has seriously affected the ease of use, and most of the features that sold me on the phone to begin with.

I was told to do a factory reset to get back ICS, but now I'm seeing that this isn't the case? Does anyone have a way to do this?

A helpful soul shared a link that works for another carrier, but it doesn't work for my carrier (AT&T). Sigh.
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