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Heres an interesting one . I had Philz installed already and then flashed Djembeys ROM. Everything in ODIN went as described in your thread here Ironass. It reset into Philz asking me to install an untrusted .zip. With 2 failed warnings in the list below. Upon reboot it asked to remove custom recovery. The phone reboots and no Rom has been installed yet Odin says PASS. My head is jumbled. Should I somehow remove Philz before Flashing this ROM? It didnt seem to like it. Maybe I should update Philz first?

EDIT: Id not done a full wipe prior. Perhaps this was it. Id only know by trying I guess. However untill I purchase a decent sized External SD I will be leaving it alone. Having 2gb internal is a joke. I never had this problem on the S2.

EDIT #2: Further pondering. Not doing a full wipe shouldn't necessarily cause a ROM fail. So perhaps it would be due to the fact Im trying to use ODIN to install the ROM and not CWM. Gonna go that route this time. Phew its a much longer download. Side question then..On installing this ROM via CWM , is it safe to assume I would still need to install the Wifi fix via ODINs Phone mode?
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