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Originally Posted by HenryLuo View Post
Thank you scotty85 for your reply.

For some reason, seems that my phone doesn't work with touch version of recoveries. I've tried Clockwork touch and TWRP 2.6 and neither one supported touch. I'm not sure though if I would need to update something more as well.

I installed ViperRom using ClockWork recovery's non-touch version and found it quite difficult. I have tried using TWRP recoveries, but because touch doesn't work, there is nothing I've been able to do with it.

Below is code how I flashed recovery, touch just doesn't work.

Hopeinen:sdk-tools luosut$ ./fastboot flash recovery cwr_recovery.img 
sending 'recovery' (7270 KB)...
OKAY [  1.110s]
writing 'recovery'...
OKAY [  0.781s]
finished. total time: 1.892s
Hopeinen:sdk-tools luosut$ ./fastboot reboot

finished. total time: 0.034s
Hopeinen:sdk-tools luosut$
edit: Finally got it right. I found new version of recovery that has support for latest firmware, file was named as "recovery-clockwork-touch-". Now touch works
glad you are sorted. i just read that the touch panel firmware for 2.17.401.1 has new drivers that break the touch in custom recoveries and was just coming here to ask what firmware you are on,but looks like you beat me to the punch

also thanks for sharing your solution

where did you find the link for the new touch recovery?
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