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Originally Posted by HenryLuo View Post
Can't remember where I found that exact file, but I just searched and found official thread with new file from here (xda-thread) and this is direct download link. File is not the same that I flashed earlier, but I just downloaded and flashed file that I linked and it works correctly.

Now that I'm rooted, do I have to manually flash firmwares (where to find?) or do I get everything I need from ROM files?
hmmm,thats the same file that im currently running. it is newer than the one that you linked earlier,so maybe it is new touch panel compatible.

at any rate,you will not be able to take OTA updates while running a custom recovery. the stock recovery and an OTA are how the non-rooted stock general public will get new firmware.

roms will only contain software. they will replace your current boot and system images.

when an OTA for your particular region/carrier happens,you will need to update firmware manually. while s on,the process is more complicated,as these firmware files are official,signed by htc,so youll have to relock the bootloader and flash them via the bootloader(more details on that later).

an s on phone is still doing plenty of security checks. not the least of wich is "main version",and also an hboot version check,so you are NOT allowed to go backwards. only what youre running or newer. also being checked are signiture,carrier id(cid),model id(mid),and lock status(wether bootloader is locked or unlocked)

as such,you can only install firmware that will go with your particular set of variables. for example,you cannot install european firmware on a t mobile branded phone,or t mobile firmware on an att phone,etc.,becasue the firmware package will fail the CID and MID tests.

you also cannot go backwards. if you install new firmware and dont like it,too bad. youre stuck until a new package comes out. becasue of this,id recomend only installing firmware or running full ruus from "release keys",official builds. i.e., the build that is pushed out via an OTA.

htcdev unlock is not lifting many of the security checks. pretty much it is just granting us access to boot,system,and recovery. it has limitations- you cannot change splash image,or any other partition,and the recovery partition is not allowed to write the boot image, so the rom flashing process is a bit trickier.

if youre just going to run rooted stock roms,its possible to stay s-on without much aggrivation. however if you intend to flash alot of different roms,and like to tinker with things alot,id pretty strongly recomend to become s off.

this makes updating firmware alot easier,not to mention you can go backwards if you want,you can flash other partitions(like splash image),recovery can now properly install the boot image,making rom flashing a bunch easier,plus you are now able to get rid of the telltale relocked watermark.

i would not worry too much about firmware just yet... consider going s off before the exploits are patched,and just enjoy rom flashing and using your phone for now

hope that helps

edit: oops,forgot your other question. if youre running a stock build,you can collect your own firmware files. when an OTA hits,let the phone download it. you will find a .zip file in your downloads folder that the phone would use to update. remove this zip from the downloads folder(remember your custom recovery cannot install it) and put it somewhere safe on your PC. using a utility such as 7 zip you can extract it and get to the "firmware" zipfile inside.

aside from that,firmware files can be found over on xda,in threads such as this one.

you can also find the entire OTA package here: and here:
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