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Default Digitizer issues. soft reset did not fix. replacement ordered

As the title says my HTC ONE went all wierd on me this morning, more like through a wobbly, it was turning the internet off and on, it was typing texts by its self, I could not do anything with it, when the screen locked it would not unlock, when on a web page it would automaticly zoom in and out and move the page around by its self. I installed that snapdragon battery app lastnight, thinking it was that I managed to uninstall it, it was fine for a while but then thats when it started typing by itself with whatsapp, in the end I managed to shut the phone down fully then restart it after about 30 mins and fingers crossed everything seems fine for now, was just wandering if anybody had any ideas , it was like a poltegeist had possesed my phone lol...
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