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Originally Posted by clsA View Post
Not sure what you guys are calling USB Mass Storage ?
I have a USB OTG Adapter that works fine with any recovery
I save all my nandroid backups to USB and install all my roms from the same device. I use a 32gig microSD and an micro adapter in the USB OTG it works fine... you can also just use flash drives in it the same way.
If you want links to the adapters let me know ..their really cheap
when you first plugged in a pre-ICS phone into a PC,you usually got a prompt on the phone asking if you wanted to mount as usb storage,or stay in "charge only" mode.

selecting "mount as usb" did pretty much just that- and unmounted the phones external sd card from the phone,letting the PC see it just as it would a flash drive(or sd card in some sort of usb adapter).

custom recoveries used to have used to have an option to "mount as usb storage" wich did pretty much the same thing. it allowed you to simply drag and drop files(like roms or nandroids) onto the sd card inside the phone,wich were accessible to recovery as soon as the usb storage mode was ended.

the one xl,one x,one s for sure allowed the phones internal,non removeable sd to be "mounted as usb storage" in older recoveries,so im really not sure why its not still possible.

since the sd in newer devices is non existant(removable,anyway) its casued a bit of stress for a few folks whove found themselves with an internal sd not being recognized by recovery(maybe thats why its no longer an option),no bootable OS,and no way to remove the sd to put a rom or nandroid on it. with "old school" phones you could always crack open the phone,put the external sd card into a card reader,and pop it into your PC to get a PxxxIMG file(ruu),rom,or nandroid on to it.

the OTG cable/micro sd/card reader/flash drive is certainly anotehr viable option,as i believe custom recoveries are letting you mount that as "external sd". ive run ruus on my one x via OTG micro sd,but havent played with it that much. ill have to add that to my list

any links you have im certainly would be appreciated im sure. with newer devices an OTG cable and storage might be a good thing to add to a "must have for emergency" list
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