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The "disable increasing ring" app works great and just as it should of course.
I wish I would have known about it earlier.

Something else that I have noticed after installing this app though....
The delay from when someone calls my phone and starts hearing the ringing sound to when my phone ACTUALLY rings has been improved greatly!

For some reason I have had a huge delay in that aspect ever since I switched to the S4.
People where actually getting irritated in why it was always taking me so long to answer my phone. I told them that I was picking it up on the 3rd ring or so, what where they talking about? They would say always rings 7 or more before you pick it up.
So I called myself from a landline to test it. Sure enough, there was a delay of 3-4 rings
inbetween the time the call was made and when my phone actually rang.
Very weird.
Installing this app for some reason pretty much resolved all of the delay.
Now it only rings on the other end maybe once before my phone starts to ring,
and that's pretty much how it should be imo.

Don'y know if anyone else has experienced this,
or if it was some freak unrelated issue...
but if it was unrelated and was resolved at the same time of installation,
thats some crazy a$$ coincidence.
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