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Originally Posted by GuitarG20 View Post
Could it be related to what account y'all are syncing your contacts to?
Good thinking. This must be a Google/Gmail thing?

As mentioned prior, I did not have the Custom option showing on my Evo 4G LTE running Sense 4+, Android 4.1.1, & People v4.5.468279. NO Google account configured.

I configured my Google account on this phone and went to add a contact in People. People now has my Gmail info in it and now when I set up a Contact I have the choice to set up a Phone only contact or a Google contact as well. When selecting Google contact I have the option of 'Custom' added to this list of types. I'm also able to set up mutliple 'Mobile' numbers for the same Contact.
Also note - on the computer when accessing Gmail and browsing the Contacts saved to it independent of the mobile device, the 'Custom' type is one of the options within. (haha, ninja'd by Marc )

Androidexpat, do you have a Google/Gmail account actively configured on your phone, and do you have People set up to display your Google contacts?
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