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Originally Posted by scotty85 View Post
thanks hadron,great info. thats an interesting bit of info with the temp recovery. cant wait to find out more about that... if that was a fluke that it wouldnt boot,or a new "feature" of hboot 1.54
It wasn't a fluke - I've seen it confirmed over at XDA.

Between that and revone's incompatibility with 1.54 (from reports on XDA you can relock while running 1.54 but not unlock again!) I decided that 1.54 was taking away too many of my options. Plus, what's the advantage of a newer hboot anyway? So I've downgraded my hboot back to 1.44, and just confirmed that fastboot boot recovery.img works again.

Note for anyone reading this who thinks that means there's a work-around: you have to be S-Off already in order to downgrade hboot.
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