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Does your dump include /data/data? If so, messages and call logs are in /data/data/ in a couple of sqlite database files (mmssms.db and telephony.db. There are also a couple of journal files). Similarly /data/data/ will be your contacts, not 100% sure what "profile.db" in the same directory is.

So, those are the data. To make use of this info you'll need to be rooted, because you won't be able to copy them back into place otherwise. But if you weren't rooted you probably wouldn't be able to copy these folders in the first place (you could do it with adb, but MTP isn't going to let you at this part of the phone's storage). How did you do the backup?

Best is to have a look and see whether you have those files, and then we'll know whether there's anything to recover.
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