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One thing about the S4 that really erks me IS the LED ITSELF!
IMO, it is just too dim straight out of the box.
Light Manager allows you to increase the brightness a bit,
but it's still a pretty wimpy LED in comparison to EVERY other phone I've owned.
Kinda strange to put such a dull LED on a powerful device like the S4.
And it really has nothing to do with the size either.
I have any even smaller LED on my BluAnt Q3 earpiece, and that thing is BRIGHT AS HELL!
Alot of it probably has to do with the "Black Mist" coating that runs over the top of it.
That was a pretty stupid design!
If you know your LED is sub-par, why make it worse by covering it with that "Black Mist" crap????
At least leave the LED un-coated so the user can get the most out of it as possible.
And speaking of design....
I don't like the placement either.
On the front of the screen?
That makes the notification LED completely useless if you have your phone face down.
I would much rather have seen a side or top mounted LED that was brighter.

Okay...I'm done.
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