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Originally Posted by Mouse1903 View Post
Got it yesterday, quick to install. Like the extra information given in the drop down menu, although annoying you have to go through an extra window to switch on the power saver
Swings and roundabouts. For those of us who don't change that setting, the advantage is that we no longer have that permanent(*) "power saver" notification cluttering the notification area. Guess it really is impossible to please everyone

Though HTC, if you are reading this: make that power switch panel customisable and maybe you will please everyone .

I find that I do use it, but have kept my previous notification power widget as well, since I can get to that quicker and it has options the HTC one doesn't have. Shame you can't make the power widget the default when you pull the notifications down (an old Desire ROM which had a similar panel, Redux 2, would show the toggles first if there were no non-permanent notifications present, which was quite a good solution).

(*) Yeah, I know there was a trick to get rid of it until the next reboot. Happy not to have to bother with that now.
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