Thread: Support 4.2.2, Sense 5.1 roll out
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Originally Posted by Hadron View Post
That's a JB 4.2 feature, not HTC specific.

It does exist, but you need to use an Easter Egg to enable it (!!??). Go to Settings > About > Software Information > More, and tap repeatedly on "Build number". After a few taps it will start to give you a countdown, and if you keep on tapping you will be told "congratulations, you are now a developer" or words to that effect.

Once you've done that, the Developer options menu will be back.

No, I've really no idea who thought this was a good idea...
Originally Posted by Hadron View Post
Swings and roundabouts. For those of us who don't change that setting, the advantage is that we no longer have that permanent(*) "power saver" notification cluttering the notification area. Guess it really is impossible to please everyone
Great info here. Thank you. I always like reading about or noticing the small changes they always are making, its nice to know about them ahead of time. If no one is talking about them then we are all equally blindsided.

I'm honestly surprised that HTC did not block off the Developer Menu altogether, as they have blocked off the Google "Bonus Content" in the past. Maybe because this one is actually a tangibly useful menu? They had previously blocked the option, but did they somehow grant the ability to flick the Bean now??? Did HTC leave in the Daydreams feature (dock mode screen savers)?
Is the 'background data restricted' alert gone from notifications yet? Or the keyboard toggle when typing?
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