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Originally Posted by speedlever View Post
I'm curious how you guys use the GS4 that drains the battery so much? I find the stock battery to be more than sufficient, but realize that we all use our phones differently. (although that ZeroLemon7500 mAh battery is tempting). Maybe that would power my phone for 6 to 8 weeks like my Kindle 3.
In my case it only tends to be an issue when I'm travelling.

In a normal day my phone lasts for most of my waking hours and I charge it overnight. If I am going on an inter-city train though, I tend to have lots of time to kill that I spend watching videos or playing games. I also often have relatively poor reception on the train and the phone has to hop from cell to cell every few hundred metres, which probably contributes to the battery usage.

I also use the wifi hotspot on the train and, judging by how warm the phone gets when I do, I'd guess this uses a lot of juice too.

I think that the S4's battery size is a good compromise between weight and capacity but it isn't always enough.
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