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Originally Posted by lotus49 View Post
Sorry if this has been asked before but the forum won't let me search for "nfc" as the term is too short.

As I understand it, the NFC hardware in the S4 is actually in the battery. How can I tell whether my S4/battery is NFC capable? I do have the NFC option under "Connect and share" in settings and this is turned on. Does that definitely mean it is NFC capable?

On a related note, if I wanted to test NFC on my phone, is there anywhere I might find an NFC tag around the house? I'd be interesting in playing with NFC but I don't want to waste money buying tags if my phone won't do anything with them.
The NFC is in the phone, the Athena is in the battery just to improve reception and range.
Best way to know is to check whether you have NFC setting in your notification option ? Or under Settings - Connections.

If you see the NFC setting, then your phone is NFC capable.

As for the tag. I don't know about the house. But you could try Samsung store? They have those TecTiles, you could just try to read one without opening the pack. Or try to use SBeam to share photo with a phone in the store, SBeam and NFC work together.
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