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I'm no expect by any means, but here are my thoughts on your questions.

I didn't realize that they only put 4gb of RAM in this beast of a machine. My laptop and the dock is starting to really have issues, but it has the same amount of RAM, running only on a core2duo processor. It's still fast enough, for my needs at home, but I'd hope for 6-8gb of RAM on the Ativ Q, considering the dual operating systems and loading up all of the Android tablet apps that I currently use on my Note 8.0.
yeah, having only 4GB is a bummer and what's funny is that besides the forum posters everywhere complaining about that oversight, the media is starting to complain as well. Granted, maybe with the new Haswell processor 4GB may be enough for this beast of a machine, but still, I would have loved for Samsung to have given the customers the option of ordering this device with more ram, higher processor (i7), larger SSD, backlit keys, etc.

One of my main thoughts on the ATIV Q, is if Samsung is going to integrate some of the great software that they have on all of the Note series phones and tablets. I think that was the biggest thing that held me back from buying the 700T. It didn't have any of the hover view integration (w/ S-Pen) that any of the Android tablets had. Since the ATIV Q is both Windows and Android, I hope they find a way to integrate that software. I love being able to hover over emails and just read the quick preview.
I may be wrong in this but if I am not mistaken, some of the things you mentioned such as hover view, plus multi-view windows in Android etc are only useful in Touchwiz. Not in stock Android that the Q was demo'ed in. We won't know until a reviewer actually does a full blown in-depth review of the apps, OS's etc of the tablet.

Like I mentioned elsewhere, I can probably dismiss the 4GB ram part, but like you said, with dual OS, alot of that would be used by the system. The more I look at the device the more I get frustrated that Samsung really messed up.

btw, phonearena has updated their video review to add more info.

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