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Originally Posted by twospirits View Post
Like I mentioned in the other thread the powerhouse that is now Sprint Clearwire Softbank, I am sure that SCS will have better availability or clout to get these manufacturers to make devices available for the company to sell to customers.

That phone is cool, brings me back to the Star trek days lol but there is one area that Sprint is lacking of late (at least as shown on their website) that I've noticed and that is offering other devices such as laptops, and more tablets, etc.

Currently on their website all you see are iPad, iPad mini and the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1.

As illustrated in the image below, other than T-Mobile, Sprint doesn't have many in their line up.

Granted, I know one can use wifi on any tablet, laptop, or plug in a usb data card, but there are times that one needs a connection or are using a device that cannot use a usb datacard. It would be nice to see additional devices. Devices such as the Padphone, ATIVs, Duos, Transformers etc come to mind . I guess until the network is fully upgraded with all the frequencies I won't see more devices that take advantage of the frequencies, but one can dream.

With the new tethering option that Sprint started on the new plans, I could even see them doing away with offering tablets/laptops/netbooks with 3g/4g connectivity. Then again, with Softbank behind them, who knows what can happen now.

While I'd love to see them offering more of items like that, I'd only like to see them if they dramatically change the exclusive plans they have for 3g/4g enabled devices of that nature. Only reason I went with the HTC Flyer (wifi only) vs. the EVO (whatever they called the tablet version w/ 3g/4g wimax) is because the tablet plans were ridiculously high. $29 per month for unlimited tethering vs. $29 per month for limited data was really mind boggling for me. I even explained it to the rep in store and he realized that there wasn't much more he could say that would make it justifiable.
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