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Originally Posted by Szadzik View Post
Guys - do you know what a JPEG is? It is a compressed format of image. Every time you edit it, it get unpacked, data is change and it is repacked. There is of course loss of information in the process.

And those who want 612x612 look the same as 13MP image, please start reading about resolution and detail as there is NO PHONE or DSLR or ANY OTHER CAMERA in this universe that will prevent JPEGS from degrading when changing resolution.

You are simply noticing it now, because S4s camera at 13MPx delivers enough details to notice the degradation.
Originally Posted by AndroidifyMe View Post
This is exactly right. If you were to take a picture with a lower MP count like an iPhone, then you wouldn't notice it. I have a S4 as my secondary phone and I notice this. But if I put a nice looking photo on my phone that wasn't taken by S4 and upload it to IG, then it looks just fine. It's IG's fault for forcing photos to be cropped anyways which I never understood for a photo sharing app.
If this is the case (which completely makes sense), then why when I switch my camera to 8mp (same as the iphone) the upload still comes out lower quality compared to iphone users?

Furthermore, when I upload a photo from my S4 taken with my digital camera 12mp (transferred file to the phone) the quality seems fine.
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