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Originally Posted by Covert_Death View Post
... then you ship your broken phone back to them. root on your phone doesn't stop this process or do anything to slow it down as it is not even checked....

as i said before if you're rooted the ONLY thing you need to be aware of is your MANUFACTURER warranty is void... and that again is through the manufacturer and NOT us (Verizon)
This is my point. You (verizon) won't do anything to stop the claim, as you don't really care about root or not. The manufacturer does, because at some point on down the road it will be inspected somewhere by someone on behalf of the manufacturer/insurance company. It is at THAT POINT that you already paid your replacement fee, got your replacement, think everything is smooth sailing and then BAM! $600 bill for the retail price of you phone... as you voided the manufacturers warranty by screwing with the firmware and your claim that you thought you had made out on is void.

End result:
Does Verizon care that you're rooted - NO
Does the insurance company/manufacturer care - YES
Is it always possible for them to tell that it is/has been rooted - NO... if you're good.
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