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Originally Posted by Tlicious1020 View Post
Yes, you have to remember this is a smartphone. Meaning you control and allow the phone to do whatever it wants. And you have to be conscious of what apps you download and their permissions.

Sounds like you have downloaded apps that are either staying awake or waking up and using the battery by sending and receiving data. Or some apps can be utilizing location services. That means you need to ensure your radios are off at night or download the apps Gsam Battery Monitor and Wakelock Dector. Those apps will tell you which apps are using up battery and cpu.

For example, I noticed Google Maps wakes up constantly to check it's location for a better user experience. I nipped that in the butt by turning that option off. Google Maps will sleep like a baby now.
Many thanks Tlicious1020, Ill download both the apps you mentioned and see where that takes me.

Just for clarification are you saying that 10 - 15% is the norm then?
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