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Originally Posted by KryptoNyte View Post
"These apps want access to your Google account from now on:"

"They are requesting permission to: Android services"

Google has rolled out patch to its phone-making partners, which deal with exploits through Google Play. This could result in many of the apps (with any kind of accessibility to the system), to reconfirm permissions in accordance with the new rules.

I wouldn't worry that much about known and reputable apps, downloaded from Google Play. Google doesn't actually share that much info. Some is just required for many services within the app to run.

I was just reading somewhere, a forum participant being concern about Chrome having access to his microphone and camera. Strongly making his point against it. But what the poster obviously didn't know, was that Google has recently launched WebRTC-Experiment for Chrome. Which is a video conferencing, screen sharing, broadcasting etc.. through the browser, that requires no player or installations of any kind, just the use of standard JavaScript. So, while something might sound border line NSA, it has really no ill intent.

Or permission to access gmail info, which pretty much gives user name and e-mail address, in order to verify the paid app against registered device. Google doesn't share all that much beyond that. You can find the list of things google does share, on their site, all of which, very negligible.

Not that I say to take security likely, but some of the permissions only sound scary. Keep in mind, all the "SHARE" features, recording video, texting, moving photos or any other content from an app to gallery or social media, and vice versa, all require write, read, modify storage... and whatnot permissions, but they are nothing more, than app basic functionality.

You can decline the access to an app you don't really trust, or app you got from outside of Google Play, but an app that is reputable, why not.

All I'm saying is, don't read too much into it.
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