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Originally Posted by barbz View Post
Coming from many years on iphone, I wanted a larger screen, and so far like it very much..however my battery has come fromm 100-42% in 4 hours today..haven't been on that much...I installed juice defender but seems like I should have more battery life..any suggestions?
that doesnt sound should get a lot better battery life...a couple things I can think of is
1.Did you let the phone fully charge until the led light turned green. Mine says 100% and light still doesnt turn on..Also don't let the battery fully discharge to zero..lithium ion batteries hate is perfectly ok to charge a lithium battery when ever you need to. Just don't let them fully discharge.

2.If you are not using wifi..make sure it is turned off...It will keep looking for a signal when it can not find one.

3.What is your signal like...if you have poor signal and it keeps going in and out that will kill your battery fast...I just bough a s4 three days ago...while i am home my phone lasts like 20hrs..and i use it pretty good. I left work and my phone was at 42% its been 12 hours and im at 26%. I get 4g where ever I go but when I'm at work the building must block it and my phone goes in and out between 1x and 3g and my battery won't last 6 or 7 hours. One thing that I found that helps is that I go into settings->connections->more networks->Mobile Networks->Network mode->and I choose CDMA and shut off LTE. This stops the phone from looking for 4g signal and conserves the battery.

4.How are you using the phone...if you're streaming netflix or youtube...see you later battery. Also playing some heavier graphic games will kill your battery or any games that connect over the net.

5.Another thing with the S4's is the S Voice. It's their version of Siri. I can't remember if it is turned on or not but S Voice you can set a wake up command...So when your phone is at the lock screen you can say Hi Galaxy or any phrase you want and it goes into S Voice...well this keeps the mic running and uses more even says it in the app settings that it will..So go into S Voice->Menu button->Settings->Wake on Command...make sure that is turned off.

6. Shut off gps if you arent using it...Especially if you are indoors alot..gps tends to loose signal easy and if it can't find it it will keep searching.

7. Same thing with bluetooth...if you arent using it don't keep it on

8. These screens are super bright...well that means more power...the lower the brightness the longer the battery life..I keep mine around 25% the only time I go up is in direct sunlight.

9. There is a power saving mode in the notifications bar..I haven't used it but you could try it...

10. I keep s beam and nfc off..I don't know if these run all the time when they are on but I have no need for them yet so I keep them off. They are radios and radios tend to look for a signal all the time so they can connect instantly.

11. Turn syncing off.. Turn it on once a day for like 20 minutes is enough..Again it keeps the radios's from sleeping. The more data you have to send the battery you use. I know its not alot of data but it all adds up..

12. Use Airplane mode at night if you can...or shut your phone off..I use an alarm clock on my phone but there is nobody that needs to get ahold of me at night so I put my phone in airplane mode...It shuts off all the radios but you can still use apps that dont need data. My old phone would go two weeks on battery in airplane mode. I'm not bs'ing either I went somewhere that didn't have my cell phone carrier for two weeks and never charged my phone once.

Thats all I can think of now...these are what I do and I get decent life..I am a moderatly heavy user...I just got my phone on friday and I already used a 1gb of data...and I have wifi at home. The biggest things that I have found that kill battery are the radios...Cell radio..wifi...bluetooth...nfc/sbeam, I think are radios...shut them off when ever they are not in use or can not find a solid signal...if your phone is going in and out of 4g to 3g alot try and shut off 4g. It seems to make a big diffrenece on my phone. Ill try and add more if I think of it and good luck
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