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Originally Posted by cutthroat84 View Post

5.Another thing with the S4's is the S Voice. It's their version of Siri. I can't remember if it is turned on or not but S Voice you can set a wake up command...So when your phone is at the lock screen you can say Hi Galaxy or any phrase you want and it goes into S Voice...well this keeps the mic running and uses more even says it in the app settings that it will..So go into S Voice->Menu button->Settings->Wake on Command...make sure that is turned off.

6. Shut off gps if you arent using it...Especially if you are indoors alot..gps tends to loose signal easy and if it can't find it it will keep searching.
So, I was curious about these...

I turned off the S-Voice thing and the GPS last night and saw a HUGE improvement in my battery life. I was down to about 38% after about 20 hours. I was streaming music from Google Music for quite a while, and also used several other apps throughout the day along with a couple of phone calls.

Then, I charged it to 100% right before leaving work. It's now been 1:20, and I'm still at 98% having used a few times (not much action) since then.
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