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Originally Posted by zebug View Post
great helpful post tytlyf (and you have to tell us where your name comes it short for something or what? lol)

Anyway, looking at your screenie, your phone is down to 50% and your screen was on for less than 2 hours. Barbz comment earlier indicated she had a screen time of 2 hours and 3 minutes and was down to 57% remaining.....that to me looks like her phone is acting normal especially when I compare it to actually only had your screen on for 2 hours out of those 2 days. She is a power user while you seem to use your phone less.

I'll re-admit that I am certainly no expert and I am just trying to learn like a lot of people here, but just wanted to share my thoughts and if I'm wrong, by all means correct me.
My name is something I've had for years I just made up for one of my first email accounts. "Tight Life"
I don't use my phone that much but that's how I get the longer period of life. I understand your post and thank you.
If I were to guess what I would get on a full charge if using heavy screen time (no games, just web stuff/videos) I'd probably be able to get 5 -6 hours screen time w/ 24 hour life.
I think I've got this battery tweaked pretty good, but like I said, that's just me and my particular situation.
I also use Easy Battery Saver and use it's advanced setup. I have pretty much everything disabled in it's settings except the data/wifi monitoring and Night mode set to 11pm-830am (keeps mobile network disconnected during period)

To give you an idea of what my problem was, take a look at this screenshot. The phone would never sleep. Just draining the battery.

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