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Originally Posted by Podivin View Post
First, before you start deleting stuff, make a nand backup of your current ROM (I'm assuming you're still on the stock ROM). That way you have something that you KNOW works when/if something goes wrong.
If you haven't already done this, do it right now, before you do anything else. You WILL mess something up at some point (we all have), you'll be glad to have this backup.

Second, I'd suggest using Titanium to FREEZE the apps you want to delete, then use the phone for a few days to make sure you didn't break anything. If everything is fine then you can go back and delete those apps later.

Third, *I* would simply install a different ROM that is already 'debloated'. Typically there are other tweaks to a ROM that also increase speed and/or battery life. And will include other options that the stock ROM doesn't (the WiFi toggle for instance).
The problem with a debloated ROM is that what some folks call 'bloat' another person thinks is a useful app.

JoeSP has a nice list of apps that are supposedly safe to uninstall listed here
Which Apps to Freeze???

Remember when deleting apps, as always, what you do to your phone is your fault, even if your working off a list that someone else created.

Thank you for this.

I indeed did create a nandroid. I'm going ot hold off until I can figure out if I messed up my recovery.

When I rooted, I flashed OuDHS CWM recovery (which I assume has LOKI).

I later (through ROM Manager) flashed Clockworkmod Recovery Touch

I took and I can boot to the rcovery with no problem. I even made my Nandroid with it.

But I don't know if this Recovery has LOKI. So I'm afraid to do anything right until I can figure out if I should go back to OuDHS CWM Recovery, or does ClockworkMod Touch have LOKI?

I've been pretty much searching and reading all day and can't figure this one out.

I'm also having a hard time trying to figureout if my bootloader is was unlocked when I followed the XDA root instructions, or am I just rooted? So I didn't want to flash a ROM until I could figure this out.

Sorry for the long post. Things are a little different than with my Nexus, and I'm trying to search to close this S4 learning curve.
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