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Originally Posted by HenryLuo View Post
I'm having difficulties to select which ROM to use. I've used Trickdroid for few days and then, without any reason, switched to InsertCoin. I had no issues with neither of them, but I guess it's because this whole world is new to me, I'd like to try more and find best for me. I installed Google Edition of InsertCoin, but because I like HTC Zoe, it wasn't one for me. ViperRom is told to be good but when I installed it first time (first custom for me, actually), some apps wouldn't install but gave some error message about installation to SD card.
I know that people does have their own personal preferences and some like me doesn't know yet, but which ROM do you prefer and why? I'd like to find something to stick in with and maybe throw few bucks to developer..
You sound like me a few years ago, you will try many roms when new to it, and you may still keep trying new roms when they come out, eventually you will find yourself going back to one that you previously liked and will stick with it.

It takes time....keep trying them , nothing wrong with that.

My choice is OrDroid.
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