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I'm interested in the dimensions (mm please), so that it can be compared to the current Note 2 and other devices. A measurement of the screen dimensions and how much gap between the edges of the picture and outer bezel are helpful too. It might help us size up the whole package?

I'm not a big fan of TouchWiz - especially more than ever with what I consider to be borderline invasive features (SmartStay, S-Voice, etc.) --but it would be interesting to see if it is running anything new or different software wise, any new features, etc?

The rumor of a camera button interested me. If it has one, how does it feel, how well does it work, is it 2-stage, etc? (though I just had a fun idea, how about the S-Pen button act like a remote for the camera and can control the shutter action, letting you wirelessly click your photos)

Something to float by the Samsung rep. Will there be subsequent offerings of the Note 3 with other options or carrier differences that should be available to all? (thinking like the stupid new ATT Galaxy S4 "Active", The "Zoom" variant, or different colors) --durn beat by ovrrdrive!
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