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Originally Posted by Magicuk View Post
So I have just got my HTC One today and I have been moving all my stuff from my Galaxy Nexus over to my new phone and I have just updated to 4.2.2 and now when I receive messeges it take about 20 seconds before the messege shows up on my screen. Does anyone know how to fix this or knows what could be causeing it ?
If you imported ALL your messages from your Nexus and you are using the stock HTC Messaging application that is probably the source of the delay. When there gets to be thousands of messages it causes the application to slow down significantly when you open a thread of messages. It can also slow down the typing of letters.

Occasionally in the past, when updating the system software, the Messages application has become bogged down in the process of moving the stored messages (especially large quantities, but even with only few) from the old system to the new system. It can cause a similar bog down as when you have too many messages.

Inside the Messaging application within the menu there is a great option for backing up and restoring messages. You can try making a backup, deleting ALL the current messages. clearing the Messaging application cache, reboot the device, and re-import them into Messaging. If the system is still slow, consider keeping the backup saved to MicroSD or your email/computer if you want to keep your current messages and start with a fresh slate.
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