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That is a pretty good write up! Aside from all the nonsense that has every reviewer screaming about the price, they pretty much reviewed the phone and pretty much addressed what a lot of people have been's it perform?

Can moto build a capable phone with a great battery, great call quality, and great build quality...absolutely, I been echoing this for years on this very forum, and have honestly been waiting for a moto nexus for god knows how long.

Ok so what we have here is a very custom chip pushing the X and it seems to be on par with the other kids in the sandbox, from what I just read I'd have to say I'd take they're word over say BGR, or Engadget...they are usually on the money or at least on the right page over at Droid life.

I'll of course play with it when it hits at&t stores, but will have to say it would have to really knock my socks of for the prices they are looking to charge us to grab one of these things to convince me to buy one, and I mean knock my socks off! Would I pay $600 if the camera is as good as the S4, maybe? Would I buy one if the battery really does last 24 hrs like they say, maybe? Would I buy one if call quality is better then what's available today on the one or S4, Yes!!!

I would pay $600 if the X blows away the competition on call quality! And I say that because I think phones suck these days and manufacturers forget that these are phones first and everything else second. I make tons of calls per day and like to enjoy my phone calls, not have a hard time hearing or understanding people. To me this is important, and if the X is touted as a leader amongst others in that dept then I will entertain spending my money.

What EarlyMon said is right a few posts back, he wants to play with one and see it perform. I have to agree and take that stance as well. I'll give it a whirl and go from there. Something happen last year, asus and Google spoiled us with Nexus pricing, and honestly that's what I was prepared to see with the X, we were wrong, we were all wrong and have to face reality now. $600 is what these things go for (phones that is) and if it performs as well as an S4 or one that have higher specs on paper, well then moto can charge what ever they want I guess...
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