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All the consolodated questions so far. I don't really have time to edit them, to eliminate duplicates, but any of the Guides/Mods can help and edit my post:

Originally Posted by Orion View Post
Is the screen bigger than 5.7 in and is it going to be a larger version of the S4? Are the rumors true about a premium build version?
Originally Posted by Atma View Post
Hey thanks Mr. Ed! Good to see you again.

What size screen? Different screen size for different carriers?

Flexible screen or no?

Ram? CPU?

Plastic body? Metal body?

Will they have different high end and low end models?

Can I have one for free since I own 4 different Samsung devices?
Originally Posted by ovrrdrive View Post
Are they going to have an "active" version that's waterproof like the S4?
Originally Posted by PyroSporker View Post
I'm interested in the dimensions (mm please), so that it can be compared to the current Note 2 and other devices. A measurement of the screen dimensions and how much gap between the edges of the picture and outer bezel are helpful too. It might help us size up the whole package?

I'm not a big fan of TouchWiz - especially more than ever with what I consider to be borderline invasive features (SmartStay, S-Voice, etc.) --but it would be interesting to see if it is running anything new or different software wise, any new features, etc?

The rumor of a camera button interested me. If it has one, how does it feel, how well does it work, is it 2-stage, etc? (though I just had a fun idea, how about the S-Pen button act like a remote for the camera and can control the shutter action, letting you wirelessly click your photos)

Something to float by the Samsung rep. Will there be subsequent offerings of the Note 3 with other options or carrier differences that should be available to all? (thinking like the stupid new ATT Galaxy S4 "Active", The "Zoom" variant, or different colors) --durn beat by ovrrdrive!
Originally Posted by painnpanic View Post
How soon after it is out will we be able to root it?

Is reception the same as a S4 or better?

Will Samsung finally offer wrapped text?

Will carriers offer different versions at first release?
Needing one with gorrilla glass if available.
Originally Posted by Atma View Post
Will it have eMMC 5.0 storage chip?
Originally Posted by dontpanicbobby View Post
Pocketability is my main concern. Will it fit in the front pocket of a pair of slacks like Dockers?
Originally Posted by rawhide85 View Post
First, thanks Ed. How 'bout checking the chip, Octa or Dragon? Also, what's your overall opinion of the feel in your hand, did they round the corners...i.e S4? Lastly, a photo would be great if possible!!!
Originally Posted by Zorachus View Post
Thanks Ed, I would like to know a few things please;

- Snapdragon 800 ?
- Battery size ? 4,000mAh ?
- Overall size of the new phone, same footprint no bigger than the N2, but larger screen by .02" ?
- Design matching that of the S4 ? Or a radically whole new style ?
- Is the Note 3 thinner and lighter than the Note2 ?

And whats with the rumors of different sized Note 3's ? Will the main U.S. version be 5.7" screen ? But new rumors suggest each carrier will get their own different size, one carrier 6", one a 5.7", one a 5.5". Sort of like back when the U.S. carriers got the Galaxy S2, they each got different sized and shaped phones, I hope that's not the case.
Originally Posted by Jerry-rigged View Post
I carry my GTab7.7 in the front pocket of my dockers almost daily, I don't see a 5.7 phone being an issue, so long as your dockers are not dancing-pants tight.

to Ed-

My "wonders"-

Battery size and life, is it removable/upgradeable?

Is the screen to big to do things one-handed? (This was almost an issue with my GNex)

Will it work with a docking station?

Originally Posted by drexappeal View Post
I guess my question didn't get translated to this thread, but my main question:

Size comparison to Note 2 (and overall physical dimension measurements, if possible)

Screen size confirmation
Originally Posted by rawhide85 View Post
Also Ed, the obvious, which carrier variant is your friends? We all hope the call comes today.
Love the G-Note series!
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