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Originally Posted by Sandroidfan View Post
Are you sure it's Krait 300 in S4 pro? I thought Krait 300 first appeared in S600, and S4 pro has the same CPU cores as in S4 plus of last year. Maybe this new S4 pro (MSM8960DT) is different?

But I think X is doing surprisingly well in graphic benches than I thought it would.

Qualcomm has always played fast and loose on their processor naming - they've modified the S4 names and classes as they've gone along.

The Krait 300 did appear first in the Snapdragon 600 this year, the Adreno 320 in the earlier APQ8064 processor back when it was the only S4 Pro in the line.

Just days or a few weeks ago (I don't recall) a popular rumor for the Moto X was that it would sport the Snapdragon 600 due to results from benchmark apps and CPU id apps.

Looking at those results and comparing to actual 600 results, I predicted then that this would be a particular S4 Pro.

One of those app developers refuted my claim and insisted that the X would have the 600.

I maintained that they were all correct about the CPU core type but not the number.

The number we know is 2 - and the benchmark results above could only be possible with the Krait 300.

I could be wrong, the Geekbench results compared to the SGS3 (which I don't trust) say it's an earlier Krait clocked faster - but other results from 2-core benchmarks and the Geekbench results compared to the Nexus 4 (the one I'd trust) puts it above the APQ8064.

Snapdragon S4 Product Specs

And finally - Brian Klug from Anandtech said the T denoted the 300 -

APQ8064,8960=Krait 200. APQ8064T/Pro,8960Pro/T=Krait 300.
So - I'm going to stick by the claim that's the Krait 300.
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