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Originally Posted by beowulf7 View Post
If you do start consistently using the white OEM cable and plug to recharge your phone and if you notice the battery life being better, I'd be curious to hear that.

When I had my D3, someone said that slow charging it via the computer USB port would make the battery charge hold longer during the day than charging it via the plug. But I ever noticed that, so I dismissed it. In other words, I have a hard time believe that the speed of charging the phone affects how long the battery lasts during the day. I have an easier time believing that the speed of charging the phone affects the life of the battery (i.e., super charging it) might decrease overall battery life as SebaKL's video link mentions.
Oh I've been using the white charger only for a couple weeks now. I move it from room to room if I have to. I've noticed no difference. I am going to continue doing it though in case it affects the overall health/life of the battery over the long term.

As I mentioned, I'm dealing with other battery drain issues. But I can say after a couple weeks I'm pretty certain it has made no significant difference in daily battery life.

I'm trying something else right now to try to figure out my post-update battery drain issue (not to derail the thread, but wanted to mention this within the scope of my overall battery problems). This is a shot in the dark and I don't see how it would matter, but I charged my phone yesterday evening without the Otterbox on (happened to be already off so I could remove the back to provide battery info to ATT). Right now I have 14 hours off the battery, 3.5 hours of screen time, and my battery is still at 58%. So I'm on pace for the 22-26 hours with 6 hours of screen time I was getting before the update (around the time of my last update my battery life decreased dramatically, to where I was only getting 12-15 hours and 3 hours screen time).

I'm wondering if there is any chance that the Otterbox could impact charging? Or maybe using the white cable over time has gotten the charge/battery back on track?

I assumed there was a problem with the update. Then again, the last 58% of this battery may drain quickly and I won't wind up getting 24+ hours and 6 hours of screen time.

Either way, I'm confused about what is causing this, like I said, I assumed it was the update, but if I wind up getting 24+ hours on this charge like I was before, maybe it is related to the Otterbox or charger?

Whatever the case, I hope it keeps giving me 6 hours of screen time. That is what I expect out of the phone now because for the first few weeks, that is what I got consistently.
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