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Yes, that's the nature of AMOLED HD screens, and what you described is consistent across all devices, while scrolling light color text on a very dark backgrounds.

AMOLED doesn't illuminate black pixels, it turns them off to preserve excessive battery usage, while lighting up the large screen to display content. The difference is quite substantial over a period of time. From 0.3 watts showing white text on a black background, to more than 0.7 watts showing black text on a white background.

During scroll, it produce the ghost effect as it needs to illuminate (turn ON) all the fine and tiny pixels of font outlines, very quickly. You might also notice a purple color ghost, following the text while scrolling. Which is simply the black color lighting up and turning off very quickly (not quick enough not to notice).

The way to combat this, is to set backgrounds to as little as 99 or 98% black.
Even tho the pixels get illuminated constantly, it's still far more battery friendly.

I do believe Samsung is aware of it, and it did, and will do changes to the interface to prevent that. I'm sure you won't notice so much of that when scrolling text on lighter background color. This is also prominent in the notification bar, when you swipe away your notifications.

While I can't give you fix for all the apps, I just wanted to let you know, that this is not just your device or isolated issue. It's a generic problem across all the S4s.

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